Christian Voice Monthly

Kingdom Christian Ministries Kick-Starts New Church

By Libby Hopkins Kingdom Christian Ministries of Lithia (KCM) is a new church that has joined the Brandon community. At KCM, the central focus of its teaching is on the finished work of Christ. “We believe that God’s value for and love of humanity moved him to redeem us and restore us back to him,”(…)

Helping Hands Dollar Thrift Store Holds Nothing Back

By Kayla Hayes Upon appearance, Helping Hands Thrift Store in Plant City looks similar to any other thrift store. It has racks of used clothing, children’s toys, household supplies – a little bit of everything. But, Helping Hands is far from the average thrift store. Everything from expensive, brand-name clothing to unused prom dresses are(…)

Faith & Finance “Grace Giving…No Regrets”

By Ray Lynch How did you react when the housing market recently faltered and your 401K account took a hit? Did you feel less rich? Americans tend to value themselves based on how much “stuff” they’ve accumulated. Their house size and location, the vehicle they drive, and the size of their 401K determine their worth.(…)

“The Voice” Season 4 Contestant Has Local Ties To Joy FM Radio

By Kelly Legg Luke Edgemon from “The Voice” is one of top contestants in Season 4 of the NBC reality singing competition series. Originally hailing from Lakeland, Edgemond is the grandson on Jim Campbell, CEO of Christian Radio Station Joy FM 94.1. The 24-year-old singer was originally on Shakira’s team, however, ended up on Blake(…)

Adventures In Home-schooling “Good Clean Fun By the Minute”

By Nicole Mion Most homeschooling families look for quality, wholesome entertainment that is relatively inexpensive when summer rolls around. Here are some suggestions that my family has enjoyed over the years. If you have one minute: Expand the whole family’s vocabulary with’s Word of the Day ( If you have two minutes: Get your(…)

Men’s Ministry Seeks Transportation Donations

By Michelle Colesanti Responsible Apostolic Men (R.A.M.) is a ministry of men at Calvary Tabernacle Church. This ministry adheres to the Biblical principles of James 1:27, “Pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this: To care for orphans and widows in their misfortune and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” According to(…)

Coaching Corner: The Value Of Finding Your Purpose

By Sandy Lee What would happen if you used a rake when you have a hole to dig instead of a shovel? Well, you would be worn out and extremely unproductive and the job you needed to get done will take much longer. What would be the outcome? You’d be ineffective and get tired. You(…)

Grace Notes: “Chugging Prune Smoothies”

By Debora Coty Aging is a peculiar thing. Just when you begin to grow into your skin, it outgrows you. And the extra has nowhere to go except to hang there all crinkled up like a discarded Twinkie wrapper. In a research poll for my new book, Fear, Faith, and a Fistful of Chocolate, fear(…)

A Tree Falls And Journey Church of Brandon Goes To Work

By Sandy Lee A bad storm with driving rain and heavy winds brought down a big old water oak tree fell in the back of the Ric and Brenda Martin’s house. It had grazed the water pump and a corner of the house. After Ric’s stroke earlier this year, which was the result of the(…)

Your Life Is Your Mission Field

By Kayla Hayes Recently, twelve students from Southeastern University in Lakeland, flew to Panama in Central America to serve the children, indigenous tribes and local churches in the region. I had the privilege of being on that flight, and learned so much during my ten days in Panama. Spending time in another country showed me(…)