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Waiting on the Lord – Priceless

By Ray Lynch How do you feel about waiting for a long time for something? Waiting is not a strong character trait for many. Instant gratification through credit and debit cards— which separates the pleasure of the purchase from the pain of the payment— has created a culture of impulsive shoppers. We don’t pray about(…)

Vacation Bible School 2013 – Hillsborough County

DoDad’s Wild Bible Adventures This year’s VBS program at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church will be DoDad’s Wild Bible Adventures, taking place from Monday, July 29-Friday, August 2.  Returning from last summer are the coolest professors on the planet, Professor DoDad, Professor Bud, and Professor Lulu. They will team up with OJ the gorilla to(…)

Local Gun Shop Owners Minister To the Community

BY Kayla Hayes Family Firearms is a local business owned and operated by Marco and Jessica Caporale in Valrico, offering firearm inventory and courses, gun range membership, and a friendly atmosphere for customers to buy, sell and learn. It  has been operating since March 2009 and are located on St. Cloud Ave. “What we teach(…)

Adventures in Homeschooling – Father’s Day Fun

By Nicole Mion I have been blessed to have a father who has a vested interest in my education. Being a girl and the firstborn, my Dad and I went through some trial and error before we discovered our mutual interests. He wanted to take me to the gun range, I wanted to go shopping. Even(…)

Local Christian News – June 2013

Heifer International Gift Ark Presentation In acknowledgement of the generous contribution of Four Gift Arks ($5,000 each), an award was presented by Heifer International to First Presbyterian Church of Brandon. These Gift Arks go around the world— Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Wherever Heifer finds hunger, poverty and hopelessness, they answer with Heifer animals(…)

Coaching Corner- Can you identify your core values

By Sandy Lee Did you ever think about what guides your actions, desires and decisions in everyday life? Have you ever explored your Core Values and investigate how they may or may not govern your life? How can you live the fullest life that God desires for you if you can’t name and understand your(…)

Grace Notes – The Five Faces of Fear

By Deb Coty Do you find yourself hocking up anxiety over and over like a Guernsey regurgitating her cud? Does worrying about the what-ifs suck the joy out of your soul?  If so, you’re not alone. My goal for my new book, Fear, Faith, and a Fistful of Chocolate, is to introduce tools – simple(…)

The Wizard Exposed

BY Sherry Orcuttm owner of Hallelujah Acres How many of you were raised annually watching the 1939 American Film Classic film, The Wizard of Oz? In 1956 telecasts started playing to the public making this an annual tradition for families  I can remember as a little girl just waiting with anticipation for that movie to play(…)

YMCA Teaches Students First-Hand How Government Works

By Suzy Weisenhart The YMCA Youth in Government is a statewide youth program that brings approximately 700 students together to experience the law-making process first-hand through a unique “youth-run, youth-led” process.  Local YMCAs and Youth in Government Chapters have students that work together on debate practices, service-learning projects, fundraising, and State Assembly preparation. For the(…)

Women Make Lasting Friendships At Brandon Christian Women’s Connections

By Michelle Colesanti The Brandon Christian Women’s Connection (BCWC) recently met in May for a picnic. It was a beautiful day, but they didn’t have to worry about bugs or rain since it was held indoors. During that recent “picnic” meeting, they were entertained by a sixth-generation Florida native, Todd Terrell, who was raised in(…)