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Jack Hanna Boards At Canine Cabana

Two former zookeepers at Busch Gardens have opened a dog day care facility in our own backyard. Kendall Duncan and Angie Frazier opened Canine Cabana, located at 9708 Carr Rd. in Riverview on May 1. Having worked with animals like lions, hyenas, rhinos and hippos, the two decided to open a dog day care, boarding […]

Looking Back on A Busy 2007-08 Season

It has once again been a very busy season for high school sports in the South Shore area. Riverview and East Bay continued to build on years of experience, welcoming back all of their seasoned athletes many of whom were returning to play for the third time. On the other hand, Spoto and Lennard High [...]

Soccer League Opens At Summerfield

The South Hillsborough Soccer League (SHSL) Celtic Football Club has a lot to be grateful for and was pleased to announce the opening of Summerfield Soccer Park, a new state-of-the-art, seven-field, multi-million dollar soccer facility. “We have simply outgrown our present location,” said league member Jim De Luca as he talked about the old location [...]

Program Keeps Riverview Up To Code

Besides fighting fires, saving lives and working 24-hour shifts, the staff of the Hillsborough Fire Department, alongside staff of Hillsborough’s Water Resource Services, works to make sure communities are up to code through the Fire Flow Deficiency Master Program, currently ensuring Riverview’s safety needs. Having started in 2006, the Fire Flow Deficiency Master Program, also [...]

F.I.S.H., A Factor In School’s Success

Summerfield Crossings Elementary celebrated the end of its inaugural school year with a celebratory dedication of its $11 million, 78,860-square foot building. The school, designed to house up to 960 students, is named for the Riverview community where it's located: Summerfield Crossings. Summerfield is considered a "prototype" school - one of the first new schools in [...]