Riverview Names Businesses of the Year

Riverview business owners had a lot to celebrate during The Greater Riverview Chamber Annual Membership and Award Dinner held at the International Independent Showmen’s Association in Riverview. In addition to passing the gavel to 2009 Chamber President Jill Andrew, the chamber announced its new Honorary Mayor, wished former Executive Director Kitty Cunningham well in her(…)

Eye on Business Riverview December

Playmania Adds New Programs PlayMania, a family owned indoor children’s play and learning center, offering a series of parent-child programs devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of children including open play and classes children from birth to age six, recently added new programs including a dance class, toddler and preschool music and ornament(…)

South Hillsborough Soccer League (SHSL)

A small ceremony including a ribbon cutting featuring county and league officials was recently held in order to dedicate Hillsborough County’s latest sports complex located in the heart of Riverview. The 23-acre $3 million Summerfield Soccer Complex will be used and officially occupied by and will be the home to the South Hillsborough Soccer League(…)

Soccer League Opens At Summerfield

The South Hillsborough Soccer League (SHSL) Celtic Football Club has a lot to be grateful for and was pleased to announce the opening of Summerfield Soccer Park, a new state-of-the-art, seven-field, multi-million dollar soccer facility. “We have simply outgrown our present location,” said league member Jim De Luca as he talked about the old location(...)

F.I.S.H., A Factor In School’s Success

Summerfield Crossings Elementary celebrated the end of its inaugural school year with a celebratory dedication of its $11 million, 78,860-square foot building. The school, designed to house up to 960 students, is named for the Riverview community where it's located: Summerfield Crossings. Summerfield is considered a "prototype" school - one of the first new schools in(...)