The Hall on Franklin (L) is a lively, diverse full-service food hall located in Tampa’s first suburb, “The Heights.” The Heights Public Market (R ) is a fabulous food hall that has something for everyone and is located in the beautifully renovated Armature Works.

Over the last few decades, Tampa has been transformed from a business centric downtown that closed at 5 p.m. to one that is filled with excitement, entertainment and great food. The most recent and exciting additions to Tampa’s culinary scene are the Hall on Franklin and the Heights Public Market.

The Hall on Franklin is a European inspired specialty food hall located at 1701 N. Franklin St. The Hall on Franklin features seven diverse cuisines under one room with sit down service. Try a hand-crafted cocktail from The Collection or grab a coffee or tea from Kofe and then walk around the hall and see what whets your palette. You can select from Asian street food at North Star Eatery, seafood from Heights Fish Market, a melty sandwich from Heights Melts, breakfast all day from Bake’n Babes, or signature bowls from Poke Rose.

The concept of the Hall on Franklin is unique. Not only can you enjoy great food and drink, but you can also purchase the leather sofa you have enjoyed sitting on or the beautiful chandelier lighting the space. The Hall on Franklin has free WiFi and remote workspaces. An outdoor terrace is in the planning stages.

Just a few miles away, sits the Heights Public Market at the restored Armature Works located at 1910 N. Ola Ave. The Heights Public Market is situated in 22,000 sq. ft. of open industrial market space featuring an open floor plan with communal dining.

There are currently 16 dining options with more on the way at the Heights Public Market. The vendors here include outposts of some of Tampa’s most celebrated restaurants such as Ichicora Imoto, Ava and Cru Cellars. Steelbach is a new full service southern inspired kitchen and chophouse.

In addition to the restaurants and pop ups such as Empamamas, there is a Show and Tell entertainment workshop for up to 30 people complete with a full cooking demonstration kitchen, event spaces, a spacious outdoor terrace. There are additional spaces planned as the Heights Public Market continues to grow.

The Heights Public Market is housed in the Armature Works which dates back to 1910 when it was the storage and maintenance facility for Tampa Electric’s Streetcars.

Chrissy Nieves, a resident of Winthrop in Riverview is a well-travelled foodie who has visited both spaces. Nieves said, “I love both places. We like to go to the Hall on Franklin for date night. It is more upscale and more like a fine dining restaurant.” Nieves added, “The concept allows young chefs to have a restaurant of their own.”

Nieves said of the Height Public Market, “The Heights Public Market has a little bit of everything. You can grab a coffee or a full meal. They also have co-working spaces so this is a great place to come with friends or even by yourself.” For info on the Hall on Franklin, visit For the Heights Public Market, visit

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