Meet MELISSA HARTMANN, Ad Sales Rep in Apollo Beach, SouthShore and TCOB

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Melissa Hartmann is an Ad Sales Rep in Apollo Beach, SouthShore and TCOB. She has been with the Osprey Observer since approximately December 2016.

Community, community, community… Hartmann loves involving herself in it. She states that her favorite part about working for the Osprey Observer is being part of an organization which gives back to the local area. Her job has her meeting and networking with all the new businesses in town, and she works with them to promote their brand via the paper to foster local business and support the local economy.

Hartmann has two children, her daughter Whitney, 33, and her son Mark, 23. She also has a 15 year old granddaughter named Gabrielle. Additionally, she has two dogs, a 4 year old Boxer named JD and a 7 year old Mixed Rescue named Dexter, who she got at her son’s request as a puppy. She claims he really rescued her.

One of Hartmann’s special talents is her skill with coupons. Dubbing herself the “Coupon Queen,” Hartmann states: “I have been known to leave CVS with them owing ME money.” She said that while she does coupon to save money, she does it to donate to those in need, as well, tying back into her love for supporting the community. Mary & Martha House is her go-to foundation, as well as ECHO and various organizations she donates to throughout the year.

Another hobby of Hartmann’s is thrift shopping. She has three favorite stores: St. Vincent de Paul, Mary & Martha House Thrift Shop, and Angel’s Attic. The most interesting thing she ever found at a thrift store was a short, pretty vase which she paid $2 for. After looking online, she found the value to be $178 and learned the vase came from Germany.

Aside from giving back to the community and thrifting, her other interests include the occasional poker match and gardening. Hartmann loves to grow Plumerias in particular. She said that while her biggest accomplishment in life was raising her two children, the 72 pound weight loss she’s maintained for twenty years comes close. She also has secret crushes on Mark Harmon and Sam Elliot.

Hartmann has two quotes that she lives by: “No doesn’t mean No, it simply means Not Now,” and “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice,” by Bob Marley.”