Meet TERRY VASSALOTTI, Billing Manager

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Terry Vassalotti is not only the Billing Manager for the Osprey Observer but a wife of 43 years and a mother to two sons – now both in their thirties.

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved to Florida with her parents when she was just a teenager.

In 1979, Vassalotti graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice. Even though she did not end up pursuing that field as a career, she said it was still very fascinating to learn about.

Out of college, Vassalotti did some banking for a little while before she worked part-time at the Brandon Library as a library page. She worked there for 10 years until the library no longer had a need for those jobs. Meanwhile, a longtime friend of Vassalotti – Michelle Colesanti, Assignment Editor for the Osprey Observer – was overloaded with work. It became overwhelming and knowing Vassalotti needed a job, Colesanti transitioned Vassalotti from the library to the newspaper. 12 years later, Vassalotti still works at the Osprey Observer.

As the Billing Manager, Vassalotti has a lot on her plate. She invoices all of the editions, processes payments, compiles commissions based on ad payments, directly contacts the people who are past due on payments and so much more.

She said that she loves the comradery of the people she works with, especially the charity and outside functions she gets to attend with her co-workers. “It mixes the everyday norm up a bit and makes it more interesting,” she said.

As for outside of the newspaper, Vassalotti likes listening to any type of music she can dance to; growing up with R&B and Disco, they quickly became her favorites. She also enjoys exercising and finds word puzzles very relaxing.

Finally, she leaves everyone with one of her favorite quotes said by Vince Lombardi, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”