FishHawk CDD BoardWhen is zero a good number?  When it is the amount of dollars your Community Development District (CDD) fees are going up the next fiscal year, if you live in FishHawk Ranch. Originally, it was thought that the charge could go up as much as $67 per household with the proposed district’s combined multimillion dollar budget. Right now each resident pays $1,242 in CDD fees and that will stay the same when it shows up on your Hillsborough County tax bill. CDD District Manager Debby Bayne with Rizzetta and Company, an agent for FishHawk Ranch Developer Newland Communities, says, “Both boards have worked hard to decrease costs and it has paid off.” Bayne sent letters to each homeowner in FishHawk explaining the originally proposed increase and inviting them to the workshop and public hearing. Only a handful of people showed up at the workshop which Bayne took as a good sign, saying, “I guess people are happy with the way things are.”  It was at the workshop that Bayne explained the numbers and how she was able to whittle the increase down to zero, even keeping in resident’s requests for aquatic plants to be installed in ponds, to include pond bank repairs because of low water levels this year and maintain some small capital improvements. Bayne also says, “These workshops allow me to get feedback from the residents and present it to the board before the final decision on the budget is made.”  Each CDD board went over its own budget, line by line, before it was finally adopted by both Districts l and ll at the public hearings. Although there are two different districts in FishHawk Ranch, there is an interlocal agreement between the two where operations and maintenance costs are shared at a flat rate, meaning all residents in FishHawk Ranch pay the same assessment and it lets them use all the facilities in each district. Each CDD meets the third Monday of each month beginning at 2 p.m. at the Palmetto Club in FishHawk Ranch and both are open to all residents. For more information about what is going on in the community, you can go to and to learn more about the Community Development District, click on “CDD”.

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