SpartansThere was no doubt that on the mind of anyone who follows high school football that the Bloomingdale football program will have its work cut out for the 08-09 season, but most did not expect to see the Bulls suffer a defeat by Spoto High. At the end, however the score board showed 26-12 in favor of the Spartans.
Expecting a strong opponent and trying to get back on track after a disappointing game the week before, Bulls head coach Jason Stokes said that his team was ready to take on the Spartans.
“We have been training hard and we should have a good game tonight,” said Stokes, just before the game.
Unfortunately, Spoto proved to be a bit too strong, too fast and too much for the Bulls to handle.
Spartan’s running back Tim Randolph turned in a great night of football by posting a 147 yards on 14 carries including the scoring on a 67-yard run in the second quarter topping it off with a 34 yard run later.
Bulls’ running back Derek Johnson ran for 95 yards on just 10 carries while Anthony Amos was able to gain 67 yards for Bloomingdale for the night.
True to Stokes’ words the game was a close one with Bloomingdale running the ball for a total of 160 yards and passing for 77 yards, while Spoto ran the ball 176 yards and passed for 78 yards.
Bloomingdale had almost twice the amount of first downs with 14 to the Spoto’ seven.
But, while the Bulls, according to Stokes, have been concentrating on the fundamentals they were only able to gain most of the yards in the final quarter, which proved to be a little too late to catch up with the Spartans’ big plays throughout the game.
“Spoto has a great football program,” Stokes said, adding, “They are tough, and clearly have a lot of speed and will be hard to beat this season.”
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