Osprey Summer InternsOver the summer break, seven students, including college journalism majors, marketing and public relations majors and high school journalists, completed an Osprey Observer internship, a program open to all students interested in learning more about the field and jobs in journalism.
“We love to open our doors and teach students about the opportunities available to them in the field of journalism,” said Managing Editor Marie Gilmore. “And, each time we complete a program, we learn something new, too.”
Interns are asked to commit to 100 hours of in-office training on a flexible schedule. “Our interns leave our program with a letter of recommendation from us, 10 published articles and, hopefully, a new love and appreciation for the field,” mentioned Gilmore.
University of Florida journalism major and Riverview High School graduate Jennifer Smith enjoyed her time at the Osprey Observer and said, “From the internship, I learned that writing is truly my passion and that I would like to pursue a career in print journalism.”
The program, which runs spring break and summers throughout the year, requires a resume and a request, along with transportation and a love of writing. In addition, graphics interns are accepted and given the opportunity to design advertising and supplements for the Osprey Observer.
In addition to writing, photography and reporting, interns are invited to Brandon South Rotary meetings and to participate in community events.
For more information, call 657-2418 or email editor@ospreyobserver.com. Resumes and internships are being granted for summer, 2009.
2008 Summer Interns
Name: Jennifer Smith
School: Graduated Riverview High School, currently attends the University of Florida.
Major: Journalism

“The most memorable story I worked on was about the Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Cure Kids Cancer Walk. It was an inspiring assignment because I got to work with a great organization and offer my support to a great cause.”

Name: Elizabeth Wilhelm
School: Marist College/University of South Florida
Major: Marketing
“I learned how to market myself as an individual and as a part of an organization and how to create contacts throughout a community. I also learned a lot of interesting things about my community.

Name: Nora Zaki
School: Newsome High School
Major: Journalism and MidEast Studies with a minor in Arabic
“I truly think interning at the Observer for nearly four weeks gave me a larger sense of independence. I learned how to listen intently to the person(s) I’d be interviewing to make sure I wrote down their responses accurately and wanted them to realize that I was truly interested in listening to them. I guess one can say, my perception of the community where I live has somewhat improved.”

Name: Lauren Ashley
School: Brigham Young University
Major: English
“I loved writing about the charm classes held at Center Place because of the interview I had with the teacher of the class. She was the perkiest and, yet, most sincere person I had ever met, and even though I was interviewing her about what she did, she took time to get to know me and really helped me to feel the importance of the classes she taught. I really wanted to be a better journalist and person!”

Name: Luz Ma
School: Savannah College of Art &
Major: Graphic Design
“I was interested in using my time wisely over summer break, besides just working, and developing any skills with computers or design.”

Name: Kasie Anthony
School: University of Central Florida
Major: Marketing with a minor in Communications
“The internship helped me enhance those skills and apply them to real life situations. Just being in the office and experiencing how a business is run was a learning experience of itself.”

Name: Keria Martin
School: Bloomingdale High School
Major: n/a
“ During my internship, I learned the true meaning of the term “prioritize.” Between phone calls for quotes and deadlines for articles, it was really important to priortize the multiple assignments that were given. Sometimes that meant rescheduling an interview to make room for a more important story that had a much closer deadline. I think this will be a crucial skill in my career as a journalist. “

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