Tampa Bay Rythmics“It has been six months overdue, but it is finally a reality,” said Tyana Marlowe, owner and head coach of Tampa Bay Rhythmics, as she talked about the new 4,500 sq. ft. gym she and her team of talented gymnasts recently had the opportunity to occupy.
Now located at 6542 Krycul Ave. in Riverview, it is not the only thing Marlowe is proud of. With the challenges of not having a facility and having to switch gyms in between, Marlowe’s team still came out on top during the 2008 season.
“We have posted the best rhythmic gymnastics team in Florida and region 6 which is comprised of states as far north as North Carolina and as far west as Texas,” Marlowe said.
The team’s recent success includes the 2008 Compulsory Junior Olympics, held in Columbus, Ohio in mid-June where level 4 qualifier Chase Anthony (10), level 5 Pamela Tang (11), and level 6 Tiffany Paul (13), each won their age division national title.
Earlier this year, Ivana Benson and Rachel Little both advanced to the level 10 USA Visa National Championship qualifying event in New York City in May.
It is also noteworthy that talented gymnasts Dafne Medina and Valeria Weidman followed up the season with qualifying to be on the Future Stars National Team, now being eligible to train at the United States Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid in late September.
Marlowe said that to top things off for the group this summer, a visit by the 2004 USA Olympian Mary Sanders was a great highlight. “Visits like this mean a lot for the team and for each girl individually,” Marlowe said. “It helps them appreciate the fact that someday they can all be Olympians.”
The next event for the team will be the Suncoast Sports Festival, which Tampa Bay Rhythmics will be hosting the rhythmic portion January 23-24 at the Florida State Fairgrounds.
Classes will be available for ages 3 and up starting September at the new gym in Riverview. For more information contact Marlowe at 741-2827.

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