NZone Sports LeaguesContinuing in its tradition of molding kids into winners who are not recognized only by the goals they kick or the touchdowns they score, but for traits like effort, teamwork and leadership on and off the field, Riverview’s newest addition to its popular youth sports arena, N Zone Youth Sports, is now accepting registrations. Its first winter season flag football, soccer and cheerleading programs are scheduled to run from Saturday, February 7 to Saturday, April 4, at the Summerfield Community Center located at 13011 Summerfield Blvd. in Riverview.

While the number of those registering to participate may change, the quality, commitment, dedication and the willingness to succeed remains as strong as ever on the part of all those involved with the league.

“This includes those who are sort of behind the scene,” said Tony Westbrock, who founded the league, along with his partner Rick Mercilliott.
Westbrock was talking about the hard work done by Denise Westbrock and Coleen Mercilliott, who besides being wives and moms handle the daily operation and administration aspect of the league, including answering all of the phone calls and questions and handling all the registration paperwork, not to mention playing a major role in the league’s cheerleading program.
“Our wives do deserve the credit for the smooth operation of the league,” Westbrock said.
The cost of each nine-week season, which includes the playoffs, is $120 per person, while for Summerfield Crossings residents, the cost is $100. Military families receive an additional $10 discount. Games are played at the Summerfield Community Center and are conveniently scheduled on Saturday mornings.
The N Zone team also hopes that the league’s values and the “every child is a winner” attitude will continue to impress the community as well as the parents, who want to get away from the over-competitive nature of the traditional youth sports arena.
“These values are so often overlooked, robbing the youth sports experience of excitement and character,” Tony said.
For more information and details about the new youth league as well as information about registration and cost, please visit or call 938-4471.

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