2religionChristian Business Connections (CBC) of Brandon will be hosting the Brandon Prayer Breakfast Monday, June 8  at Bell Shoals Baptist Church, located at 2102 Bell Shoals Rd. in Brandon, from 8-10 a.m. Guest speaker James Evans, former NFL running back with the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, founder and director of Tampa Bay Academy of Hope, will present “The Great Essential of Life is Servitude”.
The purpose of the Prayer Breakfast is to provide an opportunity for all Christian business people to come together and listen to an inspirational message, pray for our community and network with other Christian business people in a way that honors our Lord.
Evans grew up the 17th of 21 children in a poor family in a tiny rural farming community in Alabama. “In high school, I started playing football,” said Evans. “The coach praised me for my hard work and showed confidence in me. I stopped getting into trouble. I decided to change my life. I was sick of being a failure and set a goal to become a successful professional football player.”
“Through life’s journey, my spirituality was the defining moment. I found my human worth beyond football and found the value in every individual regardless where they are.” Evans founded the Tampa Bay Academy of Hope in which he leads and inspires youth to discover their own human worth.
Evans motto is: “The Great Essential of Life is Servitude.”  In his presentation, he will share the leadership lessons that have allowed him to create a highly successful organization that changes the lives of young men and women in our community, one person at a time.
CBC of Brandon was created by Christian business professionals for other business professionals.  CBC principles are based on living your faith every day. CBC members’ core philosophy puts God first and bases business decisions on Christian values, both moral and ethical. Christian Business Connections focuses on helping each other’s businesses prosper by networking, sharing ideas and business practices. CBC welcomes business professionals to attend a meeting and learn more about how this group can enrich their life and their business.
CBC normally meets every Monday at Mimi’s Café, located at 804 Providence Rd. in Brandon at 8 a.m. This special meeting will be held in June at Bell Shoals Baptist Church Special Events Hall, located at 2102 Bell Shoals Rd. in Brandon to accommodate a larger group. Reservations are required due to space limitations. Tickets are $10 in advance. Register and pay at www.christianbusinessconnections.com.
For more information, contact Mary Owens at 654-0748 or  info@christianbusinessconnections.com.

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