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Having a day proclaimed or named after someone by the mayor of a major city like Tampa is not something that happens every day, unless you are eighth-degree black belt Judo instructor, professor Ed Maley, who is celebrating 60 years of teaching the martial arts, 50 of which in the Tampa Bay area. Mayor of Tampa, Pam Iorio is scheduled to proclaim Saturday, September 12 as  “Professor Ed Maley Day,” encouraging citizens to honor Maley for his achievements and dedication to playing such a major role in Tampa’s sports history. The reading of the proclamation is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2, at 9 a.m. during the county commissioners’ meeting.

Maley’s long history of teaching Judo locally includes the opening of the Florida School of Judo, which began offering classes in 1959, but Maley can also be credited with working with more than 80,000 students of all ages at not only his school, but also at various YMCA facilities and recreation centers.

The numerous awards received by Maley include the 1988 Platinum Award for 50 years of teaching, the 2004 Hillsborough County Son & Daughter Award and the 2008 Black Belt magazine’s Best Traditional Judo School in the Unites States. He is included in the Black Belt World of GI Halls of Fame and has won seven consecutive championships.  He has served and taught for the past six decades.

While flattered to be honored by members of the community, Maley has a simple goal: “I would like to have well adjusted students who give back to the sport, rather than students who are strictly competitors and only take from you and move on,” he said.  “I want to see them reach their goals whether it is going to the Olympics or simply bettering themselves by being part of a team and working with others.”

According to now Sensei Marry Alaynick, the Florida School of Judo has more certified black belt instructors teaching under Maley than any other school in the state of Florida, posting a black belt knowledge equivalent to more than 350 years of teaching. But, while Alaynick is proud of the school’s size and impressive statistics, she wanted to emphasize that the real success of Maley’s class reaches far beyond the gym. “He shows you how to apply the teachings of Judo to everyday life,” Alaynick said. “Many of his students have grown up and given back to our community as lawyers, realtors, insurance brokers, physicians, chiropractors and military personnel, just to name a few.  Many are now bringing their children and grandchildren to learn from professor Maley.”

To celebrate Maley’s 60th anniversary, the Florida School of Judo is welcoming members of the community to a special workout party, scheduled to be held on Saturday, September 12, at the Campo Family YMCA, located at 3414 Culbreath Rd., in Valrico. The festivities will begin at 9 a.m., with lunch provided from 12 Noon -3 p.m.

For more information about the Florida school of Judo please visit or call the Campo Family YMCA at 684-1371.

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