It seems that different viruses are popping up each and every day, and they are getting more difficult to eradicate. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your business? Local resident and owner of Vivjer Computers Jerry Rothstein recommends upgrading programs, anti-virus software and spyware regularly.

“If you are a business owner, I always recommend allowing me to come to your office once a month to make sure all the computers are up to date with their Windows updates, Anti-Virus updates and defrag of the hard drives. These steps would keep the computers running at a optimum level,” he said. “For residential customers, I usually recommend a plan of coming by every six months to do the above tasks.”

Vivjer Computers first opened in March of 2006, although Rothstein has been in the computer industry since 1994. He offers new desktop or laptop systems, repairs or upgrades of existing systems, networking (wired or wireless), virus, spyware, MalWare, Adware removal and remote assistance. He does all these services at your home or office. He charges $85 per hour, with no minimum. If he is at your place of business or residence for 15 minutes, he only charges $21.25.

“I go do my jobs, trying to solve the problem(s), knowing that each minute that they are down, especially for a business owner, means money lost,” he said. The thing Rothstein says he is most proud of is that people tell him how easy it is to talk to him about their computer problems. “I’m able to listen to them, even when they aren’t really saying the right verbiage about their problem, and tell them what’s going on in laymen terms,” he said. “I try very hard to keep all that technical babble out of my discussions and explain to them what’s happening so they understand what I’m doing to help them.”

Rothstein runs this business out of his home, so he is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done to your satisfaction and keep the charges to a minimum”

For more information call 689-5028, 454-6325 or visit

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