Couples Invited To Renew Vows
By Carisa Biesecker,
With a new year comes a new beginning, one being that of recommitment in one’s marriage, which is why Lithia’s Sunset Bay Chapel is welcoming couples to renew their wedding vows on Valentine’s Day.Married couples are invited to walk down the aisle once again on Sunday, February 14, at 10 a.m. at Sunset Bay Chapel, located at 6026 Churchside Dr. in Lithia, for free. Though, for this ceremony, stress will be a thing of the past with details being taken care of by church officials. Here, romantics will have a chance to capture their special day through the help of on-site photographers and a backdrop of hundreds of roses, and the ladies will be adorned with a bouquet of flowers as the couples traipse towards the altar to commence the ceremony led by Senior Pastor Galen Scott. Afterwards, those with renewed commitment will receive Renewal of Vows certificates while enjoying cake times three and punch. “We believe that this is just one of the ways to show our spouses that love is not only something you work at, but something you celebrate with friends and family and the family of God (the Church),” states Buster Rayburn, associate pastor of Home Teams Bible Studies/ Men’s Bible Studies. “We also believe that it’s a wonderful way to show the surrounding area how we feel about the seriousness of marriage.”Keeping this in mind, the staff of the “community church” plans to unveil the series All You Need is Love that same Sunday. Residents are encouraged to attend.For more information, call 661-7105 or visit A small charge will be allocated towards the development of the photographs from the vow renewal, with photographs to be collected the following Sunday.“When was the last time you said you would show your spouse that you loved them and did it? This is an opportunity to say, ‘I would do it all over again.’ What could be a better Valentine’s Day present?” concludes Rayburn.

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