Learn Theology Over A Glass Of Wine At Park Square Cellar

By Carisa Biesecker

Some St. Stephen Catholic Church members are taking theology to the masses on-site at the venue of Park Square Cellar through the new Theology on the Vine.Talking specifics of faith, morals, purpose and the like, all over a glass of wine or a mug of beer, the group will delve into Matthew Kelly’s “Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose” and the C.S. Lewis Collection. Topics of philosophy will also be delved into, asking the questions “What is happiness?” “Why do good people suffer” and all other topics relating to the human condition, such as sex, politics and religion. The first class is scheduled for Thursday, May 6, from 7-9 p.m. at Park Square Cellar, found at 16132 Churchview Dr. in Lithia, with classes to continue on the first and third Thursdays of each month. “By providing an alternative location and relaxed environment, we hope to engage adults in discussing those issues of faith, life and love to bring them to a deeper understanding and love for their Creator,” states Mary Sarkisian, co-owner of Park Square Cellar, a retailer of more than 500 fine wines, international beers, delectable cheeses, handmade breads and unique wine accessories. “We want folks to feel comfortable discussing issues that matter, that are important in their everyday life, because at the end of the day, it is these everyday issues that matter.”With some 15-20 expected to attend the initial meeting, Theology on the Vine is a free class which will incorporate respect for all views provided and is open to those ages 30 and older who are “in search for purpose, passion, truth, and happiness (God),” according to St. Stephen Adult Faith Enrichment Coordinator Cindy Wood, who adds that the class is perfect for those who are unable to make weekly church services as well as those who can. “It really gets to the question of why we are here and how to become the best version of ourselves.”Merging theology and philosophy into one, the study “will ultimately lead one to discover God in the most intimate way,” concludes Wood.  For more information, please contact Wood at 728-2056 or cwood@ststephencatholic.org or Sarkisian at mary@parksquarecellar.com. To learn more about Park Square Cellar, visit www.parksquarecellar.com.

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