Pastor Chris Pixley is the senior pastor at Grace Bible Church of Brandon, located at 1010 E. Brandon Blvd.

Chris Pixley was certain that all signs were leading him towards a medical career. 
Growing up in Texas during the late 1980s, Pixley and his brother were raised in a Christian, Southern Baptist, two-parent home. His mother was a homemaker, and his father worked in the oil industry.  Pixley’s parents always instilled faith in everyday life, and church became a mainstay. “I’ve been going to church for as long as I can remember,” says Pixley.
During high school, Pixley’s main focus had been geared towards his love of athletics and medicine. “I was planning on becoming an orthopedic surgeon so I could combine my two main interests.” In fact, his brother was also pursuing a medical career at this time.
However, in the course of his senior year in high school, Pixley began to seriously explore his faith.  “God got hold of my life in high school.  As I became more serious about my faith, I realized my love for the church,” says Pixley. “I used that time to explore my calling and soul searching.” Pixley consulted with his pastors, teachers and parents and ultimately confirmed his call into pastoral ministry. 
His parents were supportive with his choice to follow the call of God, and they both currently attend the church where Pixley serves – Grace Bible Church of Brandon. Ultimately, his brother changed career paths as well, becoming an ordained minister and serving a church in California. “My parents think that there could be nothing better than to have sons that have received the highest of callings,” says Pixley.
He received his undergraduate degree from Baylor University in 1992 and then graduated with his Master’s of Divinity in pastoral ministry at The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California.
It was also during this time that Pixley met and married his wife, Christy, and they have been blessed with six daughters. “My highest joy in life is my family, and I find I have no greater privilege or spiritual responsibility than being a husband and father,” he says.
Through a network of minister’s and friends, Pixley heard of the open appointment at Grace Bible Church in Brandon – a small but thriving non-denominational congregation. The church was relatively young, founded in 1994.
“Seeing the Word of God transform my own life and the lives of those to whom I minister is a profoundly humbling experience,” he concludes.
Grace Bible Church of Brandon holds Sunday morning services at 10:30 a.m. at 1010 E. Brandon Blvd. Visit or call 662-9622 to learn more.

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