Valrico Lake Advantage Academy, an A-rated charter school serving kindergarten through eighth grade students, will move to its new, state-of-the-art charter school facility, located at 13306 Boyette Rd. (NW corner of Boyette and Bell Shoals) for the 2011-2012 school year.

It took less than two years for Valrico Lake Advantage Academy (VLAA) staff to see that its current facility, located at 1653 Bloomingdale Ave. and occupied by a little more than 207 students, was not enough to sufficiently handle the huge demand expressed by the community, and will be moving to a new location for the 2011-2012 school year.
The enrollment process for the A-rated charter school, which serves Kindergarten through eighth grade students, is now open to eligible students entering Kindergarten through seventh grade for the 2011-2012 school year.
According to VLAA Principal Bonnie Guertin, the school will relocate to its new, state-of-the-art charter school facility now under construction in Riverview by Center Construction Company.
The 58,000-sq.-ft., two-story charter school facility, which will occupy seven acres located at 13306 Boyette Rd. on the northwest corner of the Boyette and Bell Shoals Rd. intersection, will include large, child-friendly classrooms, a multi-purpose room and cafeteria, library, computer lab, art room, science lab and age-appropriate play areas for students in grades kindergarten through seven with plans to expand to eighth grade in 2012-2013.
“Valrico Lake Advantage Academy, the students, staff and parents are all excited about the new school,” Guertin said. “Demand for our school is tremendous. Word of mouth interest alone has resulted in a rush of applicants for the new school and we expect to open at full occupancy in August.”
Guertin explained that while VLAA created a family-oriented learning environment for the past two years at its current location, the new facility will give its programs room to grow as well as to provide many new opportunities for academics and sports.
“The new science lab will be a wonderful place for students to further explore enrichment activities in the areas of biology, physical science and environmental sciences,” she said.
When it’s all completed, the school will boast close to three times its current student capacity, which, according to Charter School Associates, Inc. President Mike Strader, could not be possible was it not for the hard work of a dedicated staff.
“We are proud of the rigorous academic program that Bonnie and her staff have provided to the students currently attending Valrico Lake Advantage Academy,” Strader said. “VLAA students and staff have already demonstrated that high quality teaching results in high quality learning.”
Such success is evident by the school’s elementary students who have swept the recent Hillsborough County Regional Science Fair by taking home first place honors in third, fourth and fifth grades.
Strader said that such results will continue at the new charter school facility, which has been specifically designed to facilitate small learning communities and promote student safety.
VLAA’s new location will also open the way for the school to draw students for its new surroundings.
“The school will reach out to all students in the surrounding community who have an interest in math and science,” Strader said. “In order to make travel to the new school site more convenient to families, free bus service will be provided to eligible students.”
For more information about the school, please visit or call 699-5049.

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