Earlier this month, Brandon Regional Hospital (BRH) registered its first patient in the newly reorganized, renovated and expanded Women’s Center. In an effort to facilitate women and expectant mother services, the hospital has centralized its perinatal, ante-partum and gynecological services into one location at the C Tower.
A developing dream since 2007, the hospital celebrated the accomplishment of the past 11 months by inviting members of the community to tour and be introduced to the new aesthetics of the facility and witness how easy the flow of women patients and their needs will be from now on.
CEO Mike Fencel opened the evening’s event with the adage, “Good things come to those who wait.” He asserted, “The mission has certainly been accomplished,” referring to the hospital’s goal of an aesthetically pleasing center to encourage a comforting first impression and a consolidation of women’s services into one area.
Brenda Hill, director Registered Nurse of Women and Infant Services was full of pride during the tour. As Fencel expressed of Hill and the entire RN leadership staff, “They’re the ones that have to live with whatever we design.” Hill gave it a passing score. “It’s beautiful and well worth it,” she said.
Entering the Women’s Center in Tower C towards the left there is a registration area specifically for maternity women. Towards the right the family waiting lobby has been expanded. Ultrasound was moved from The Emergency Center to the first floor and the drop-off area now has a larger canopy for coverage.
On the second floor, the surgical center that was once there was moved to another tower. The rooms are now designated for gynecology patients and mothers who need to be admitted prior to delivery.
Rhonda Jackson, a registered nurse at BRH for 15 years, highlighted for the tour the newly arranged delivery rooms and expressed, “We’re real excited about the new changes.”
Brandon Regional Hospital is located at 119 Oakfield Dr. More than 74,000 babies have been born and cared for. The changes welcome many more. For more information, call public relations at 571-5105.

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