Boat owners are a patriotic group that votes, spends money, and is important to Florida’s economy.  The people who protect Florida’s boaters, our coast guard, are an important component of Florida’s economy as well.  While many of the presidential candidates heading to the Sunshine State may not realize this, Miami maritime attorney David Neblett does.  Mr. Neblett serves on the board of directors for Wounded Nature – Working Veterans and has volunteered to serve as the Florida state chairman for a fundraising drive to finance an environmental clean-up vessel honoring the Coast Guard.


The monies raised will fund the boat honoring the Coast Guard, and used to clean the East Coast shorelines (a USCG has responsibility).


Marinas, yacht clubs, boat dealers, fishing clubs, marine equipment companies, and other companies in the maritime industry across America are sponsoring fund-raising parties to help launch the Wounded Nature – Working Veterans’ Coast Guard boat.  David wants each facility hosting a party to know that they can tailor their party to meet their audience demographic.  While a burger, beans, and beer with a ticket price of $25.00 may be right for a small marina, a caviar, champagne and cheese party with a $500.00 ticket price might be right for a yacht club.
On an average day the Coast Guard saves 12 lives, responds to 64 search and rescue cases, and investigates 13 marine accidents and 10 pollution incidents. They screen 720 commercial vessels and 183,000 crew and passengers, and inspect 68 containers, keeping 842 pounds of cocaine off the streets each day. Your Coast Guard works hard for you 24/7!!
As the smallest branch of the military, the USCG does not always have the same level of support for their causes as the other branches. Therefore, support for Coast Guard related projects need the support of the general public.
The fundraisers will provide an opportunity for the public to show support for our CG. Every participant in this national campaign will receive a “Team Coast Guard” sticker for their boat or car. Each individual donating $2,500 will receive a bronze appreciation plaque, for $5,000 a gold level plaque, and $10,000 for platinum level plaque.
All of the marinas, clubs, and corporate entities that participate and support the CG vessel will receive a “Team Coast Guard” Certificate of Appreciation for their support. Facilities raising a total donation of $25,000 (ticket sales and member donations) will receive a bronze level plaque, for $50,000 a gold level plaque, and platinum level plaque for raising $100,000.  In addition, their support for the Coast Guard will be posted on Wounded Nature – Working Veterans web site.
Members of the general public and companies who do not belong to a yacht club or marina also have an opportunity to participate online by making a direct donation at and entering “USCG” in the comments section. Based on their donation level, they will be sent appropriate acknowledgement for the contribution.
All 2012 donations will be used to fund the houseboat (Victory Vessel) honoring the Coast Guard. This boat will be used on the East Coast to clean beaches and educate the public about litter. It will be staffed by recently discharged veterans.
Wounded Nature – Working Veterans is an independent 501c3 non-profit that is not a component of the U.S. Coast Guard.  This event is not sponsored by the USCG and is not utilizing tax payers dollars or active duty CG personnel to promote these events.
To donate to Team Coast Guard, go to:  and enter Coast Guard in the comments section.

If any organization is interested in hosting a Coast Guard event, please contact Rudy Socha at or call 440-452-1042.

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