Hillsborough County will hold a public meeting to discuss the Lake Meade and the Lake June stormwater projects near North Parsons Avenue in the Brandon area. These projects are interconnected and will serve to minimize flooding in these areas and improve the quality of the discharged stormwater.


The proposed Lake Meade improvement project will include re-connecting Lake Meade and Wee Lake, expanding and adding a water quality device to pre-treat runoff entering the Larson/Sutton Pond, and constructing a new stormwater treatment pond at the end of Fallen Oak Lane to Lake Meade.  The construction is proposed to start in early 2012.


The Lake June project will include relocating the existing outfall pipes of Lake June to approximately 200 feet south of the existing pipes, increasing the size of the outfall pipes, and upgrading the existing conveyance pipe that crosses Windhorst Road. Construction is expected to begin late 2012.


The total cost for both projects is approximately $1.1 million, including $400,000 in matching funds through a grant from the Southwest Florida Water Management District for the Lake Meade project.


County staff will be at the meeting to discuss the details of the projects and answer any questions residents may have. Please attend; we welcome your input.


Date:  Thursday, Jan. 19

Time:   6:30 p.m.

Place:   Brandon High School, 1101 Victoria St.

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