Osprey Observer, Inc. consists of a team of 20 local residents who work together to publish more than 200 pages of community news per month.

This month, the Osprey Observer Community Newspapers celebrates 10 years of publishing local, positive community news in the South East Hillsborough County area, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Needless to say, starting out as a one-sheet newsletter and home-based business and now, with two offices and publishing more than 200 pages in five monthly editions with a team of more than 25 people, it is a little bit of a different workplace environment here at the Osprey Observer.

The main goal when we started, was to make an impact on the local community. Our idea was to get involved and to make a difference in the community. 

At the same time, it has been important for us as a company to stay current, trained and active in the changing economic market and with social media and technology, so that we aren’t left behind.

For our business, this has included the addition of video, Facebook, an active, archived Website and the continuation of building our brand at events, festivals and with sponsorships in the community.

In addition to our community office on Lithia Pinecrest Rd., we have leased a second space in our plaza to allow for our staff meetings. This is the Small Business Center which is also open to the public for small, intimate business meetings and trainings for up to 20 people and is a service to our customers.

As a community newspaper, we find that this is what sets us apart and keeps our readers interested as we cover the news. We are supported 100 percent by local small businesses who support the free community newspaper and allow us to print and mail our editions each month.

Without the support of these businesses, we wouldn’t have the staff to send to cover community events nor the community office to be the hub of local information. 

Our staff prides itself on being available for community information. ”Its been a lot of fun to watch over the years how the paper has gone from a four-page newsletter, to five monthly editions,” says nine-year team member and assignment editor Michelle Colesanti.

“My role has been very interesting, it has never been boring and I have grown over the years from doing billing to advertising and now settling into the editorial and writing side that I have found that I really enjoy.”

In addition to concentrating on our main business, publishing newspapers that people read, we also have been active in our local chambers and encourage businesses to not just join, but actually get involved and attend events.

The best advice we can give any small business owner, is to find your niche in what you do best, and be the best, treat every customer like your absolute best customer and follow the general small business rules that will set you apart: Be On Time – Send a Thank You Note  – Follow Up – Stick to Your Core Business- Do Your Best Every Time.

If it weren’t for our loyal readers, and avid business supporters, we couldn’t do what we do in the community. So from the Osprey Observer team, Thank You!

The Osprey Observer offices are located at 900 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. Call 657-2418 or visit www.ospreyobserver.com. Please like us on Facebook at OspreyObserverFans.

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Marie is the Managing Editor at the Osprey Observer. She covers news, transportation, education and likes to make a positive impact on the community and be 'in the know'!