Chef Dave of the Rolling Pin interacted with Randall Middle School students during a “Chopped” program which featured culinary arts at the school’s ST@R program (Showcase the Arts at Randall) on March 6.

The stars were shining at Randall Middle School on Tuesday, March 6, as the school held its annual Showcase the Arts at Randall (ST@R). This family friendly celebration of the arts included student performances, a “Chopped” style culinary program featuring Chef Dave of the Rolling Pin, a graphic arts workshop, a piƱata workshop, a wax museum, a display of “Reflections” work and a museum row.

Students and their parents who participated were given a card that was stamped at each station. The event exposed the students to not only the great variety of arts offered at Randall Middle School but also gave exposure to the many arts venues throughout the Tampa Bay area. Representatives from the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Tampa Museum of Art and Winthrop Art Museum were on hand in Museum Row.

Alison Fiol, Randall Middle School PTSA cultural arts chair said, “Randall Middle School’s art program is multi-faceted with great opportunities for the students to experience the arts. Randall Middle School has an arts ‘wheel’ that allows students to experience each area of the arts before selecting a final choice that they can pursue for their remaining time in middle school.” Fiol added, “Events like this provide the FishHawk community with an opportunity to enjoy seeing, hearing and tasting their child’s progress in art, music, graphic arts and the culinary arts.”

The ST@R program is modeled after a program called “Celebrate the Arts” which is held every December at FishHawk Creek Elementary School. Fiol was instrumental in creating the program. The ST@R program at Randall Middle School combines diverse disciplines and shows off the talents and dedication to the arts that the students and teachers at
Randall Middle School possess.

Fiol added, “The arts are a vital part to a school’s curriculum and numerous studies have shown how the arts help improve academic performance, especially in the area of spatial learning. This event demonstrates the teachers’ dedication as well, with teachers coordinating student attendance and performance and oversight of their area of performance the night of the event.”

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