Steve and Emily Kundrat (middle), shown with Virginia Johnson, Executive Director of A Kid’s Place and Mary Dozier and Mary Berg, are affectionately known as the “Angels of the Pantry” for generous monthly donations of food and goodies they personally give to A Kid’s Place.

Emily and Steve Kundrat of Valrico are truly the epitome of giving and caring people. Every month for the past year, the Kundrats have filled their vehicles with food and other needed items and deliver the goods to A Kid’s Place in Brandon.
Emily explained that they had read an article about the needs of A Kid’s Place. “I had passed the place everyday on my way to work,” said Emily. “When we saw the article, we called and asked what they needed. It turned out that they needed everything,” said Emily.

This exchange came on New Year’s Eve Day. The Kundtats did not hesitate to respond to the needs of the abused and neglected children residing at A Kid’s Place. They got into their vehicle and filled two shopping carts. This initial visit to A Kid’s Place spurred the Kundrats into action and was the beginning of their monthly visits.

The Kundrats now bring not only food and necessities, but also the goodies that the children of A Kid’s Place might not otherwise receive. “It’s amazing to see kids who don’t know that chocolate syrup is, ” said Steve.  They do now thanks to the amazing generosity of the Kundtats.

When the Kundrats started coming to A Kid’s Place, there were only three open homes. Now there are five. “The Kundrats buy enough food supplies and goodies for all five homes (which house up to 12 children and house parents). All of the kids and house parents know who they are. We call them the ‘Angels of the Pantry,'” said Mary Dozier of A Kid’s Place.

The Kundrats shop for these expeditions at Sam’s Club on S.R. 60 in Brandon. “When we come in, the employees call us ‘the people who buy in fives,'” said Emily. The Kundrats told the employees what they were doing with all of the food. 

According to Dozier, Sam’s Club has now contacted A Kid’s Place about helping them as well. “It’s all because of the generosity of people like the Kundrats that others in the community step up to help,” said Dozier.

A Kid’s Place, located at 1715 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Brandon, is a unique, state-of-the-art 60-bed facility for abused, neglected or abandoned children. If you would like to help, please visit or call 381-3839.

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