Dr. John Busciglio (seated) started his dental practice in 1972. His children, Dr Derek Busciglio and Dr. Dana Busciglio are carrying on his legacy of excellence at Busciglio Smiles.

For 40 years, the name Busciglio has been synonymous with expertise, compassion and smiles. With Busciglio Smiles, you get high quality orthodontic and pediatric dental care.

Dr. John Busciglio started the dental practice in Brandon in 1972. It was the first full time orthodontic practice in the area. John retired this year. Now, his children, Dr. Derek Busciglio and Dr. Dana Busciglio carry on his tradition of excellence and perfection.

“Dad paved the way for us to be able to be in practice for as long as we have been. Without his dedication, we would not be where we are,” said Derek.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary and to respond to the needs of the residents of the greater Brandon community, Busciligio Smiles is opening a third location in FishHawk at 16321 FishHawk Blvd. in Lithia (at the entrance of FishHawk Ranch next to Walgreens).  In addition, Dana, who joined the practice after 12 years of school and residencies, is the area’s only Dual Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and Licensed Orthodontics Specialist. “We are responding to the needs of the community by combining pediatric dental care with orthodontic care at our locations,” said Derek.

Busciglio Smiles has always been innovative as  the only Elite Invisalign and Invisible Lingual Braces providers in the area.  A lot has changed in 40 years. Derek explained, “Treatment times are faster and there are a lot less extractions. We use a tooth scanner today instead of impressions.” While there have been many changes over the last 40 years, one thing remains constant: Busciglio Smiles is a name that everyone, from hygienists to moms to fellow physicians identify with high quality care. This is a family owned and operated practice and the Brandon location is in the original building that Derek’s grandfather built. Derek said, “The building is a landmark in the community for the highest quality orthodontic care.”

Please call 681-9473 for appointments or visit www.theorthodoc.com. Busciglio Smiles is also located at 515 Corner Dr. in Brandon and 623 E. Alexander St. in Plant City.

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