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HCC at The Regent is a convenient gateway to higher education located right in Riverview. Try taking a college course or Life Enrichment class in a relaxed atmosphere.

Have you ever wanted to take a college course but did not want to deal with the crowds and parking permits? Then try taking a class or course at HCC at The Regent, located at 6437 Watson Rd. in Riverview.

HCC at The Regent is a center point or satellite for the Brandon campus of HCC. According to Daniel Berkowitz, center manager, “Our typical student is someone who lives between the SouthShore and Brandon.” High school students who qualify for Dual Enrollment can also take classes in a stress free environment at HCC at The Regent.

Berkowitz said, “We have a small, friendly staff who is very approachable. This campus gives people, including high school students, the opportunity to take real college classes in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.” Berkowitz added, “Take a college class and see what it is like.”

HCC at The Regent has several basic science labs and two basic computer labs. Berkowitz explained, “This campus does not have a specialty like the other campuses. This of us as a gateway to higher education.”

In addition to the core college classes and Dual Enrollment offered at HCC at The Regent, they also offer several Life Enrichment Courses, and beginning in August, they will present the first in a series of Lunchtime Learning for Business.

The first will be SPC 1006: Speech Improvement. This is a 50-minute course designed to help advance communications
skills by fine tuning presentation and style.

Since opening in spring 2011, HCC at The Regent has gone from four classes with 60 students to 16 classes with 285 students. The goal, according to Berkowitz, is to get to 20 classes with 400 students.

Classrooms at HCC at The Regent are also made available to nonprofits and other groups such as homeowners’ associations. The classrooms are available anytime academic classes are not using the space. Berkowitz said, “We want the community to know that if they need a classroom for internet training or staff meetings or other organizational meetings, we are available.”

You can still register for classes and courses offered during the second half of the summer and certainly for fall classes.
For a complete list of courses offered, visit or call Berkowitz at 253-7845. For information on Dual Enrollment, please call 253-7062.

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