Margit Redlawsk, the Art Teacher at Apollo Beach Elementary School and Brenda Eastep, the Art Teacher at Ruskin Elementary School put together a terrific exhibit of their students’ artwork and showed it at the SouthShore Regional Library’s Community Art Space.

With a combined 43 years of teaching experience, Margit Redlawsk of Apollo Beach Elementary and Brenda Eastep of Ruskin Elementary work hard to teach both the elements of art and an appreciation of art. Both believe that exposing children to art in many facets of life is important. That is why each participated in an exhibit of their students’ work at the SouthShore Regional Library’s Community Space.

Redlawsk said, “Exhibiting the art helps build their self-esteem and allows the community to see the work of our talented students.” Eastep said, “I am so grateful for the space. Although I present three shows during the year at school, it is wonderful to have the exposure in the community.” Both Eastep and Redlawsk said that their students were excited to be in the show because so many people will be able to view their art.

Artwork of students from first-fifth grade were on display. The art was based on the elements and principles of art learned throughout the year. Eastep said, “I believe elementary students need to discover art through as many different experiences as we can provide them. I teach basic art elements, principles and method, and then we build on it year to year.”

Redlawsk said, “Apollo Beach Elementary is a school that stresses good character from our students. Our school has an administration that supports the arts and everything I attempt to do to get more exposure to the arts for our students.”
Laurie Burhop, art coordinator for the SouthShore Regional Library said, “Exhibits like this show the importance of keeping the arts in the schools.”

The SouthShore Regional Library is located at 15816 Beth Shields Way in Ruskin. If you or your group would like to utilize the community space, please contact Laurie Burhop at 273-3652.

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