Organic and sustainably grown foods are now just a click away thanks to A Simpler Place In Time, an online shop dedicated to providing our community with fresh fruits and vegetables without leaving the comfort of our homes. Owner Renee Watley of Riverview began A Simpler Place In Time earlier this year and with the help of her mother, Dorothy Watley, they deliver the produce and goodies on Saturdays in reusable grocery bags and ice packs to keep the foods cool.

What exactly are organic and sustainably grown foods and why do they differ from the typical foods found in modern grocery stores? Well, to achieve the status of organic, growers need to adhere to a very strict set of rules. No pesticides or fertilizers can be used on the plants nor can the plants be genetically modified. To be labeled organic the farm must be inspected by the USDA. Sustainably grown refers to the conditions in which the produce or animals are raised. Say you have a small herd of cattle and you rotate them from field to field so they don’t over graze any one field. Then you bring in your chickens to eat the bugs and pests left over from the cattle. Later on down the road you use the manure from the cattle for your crops and continue the cycle again.

It’s these practices and more than attracted Watley to beginning her business. She noticed the huge disconnect from farm to table and wanted to bring back a little of the simpler times. “I wanted to bridge that gap,” said Watley. “I know how hard it is working and trying to get a decent meal on the table.”

The difference between then and now is that now you can have your produce delivered to your door step. Orders are placed during the week and on Saturdays Watley and her mother drive their respective routes and deliver everything before noon.

Watley hopes to open up a small stand on Carr Rd. near Boyette in the FishHawk area. The current tentative plans for the stand are Fridays from late morning to early afternoon for order pick-ups and purchases. To learn more about A Simpler Place In Time or to order produce for delivery, please visit

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