Randall Middle School teachers, students and parents enjoyed an evening of festivities as part of the school’s annual induction ceremony for Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) held last month in the school’s cafeteria.

According to AVID elective teacher, Jennifer Kincaid, the program is an academic elective class that equips students with the tools needed for a successful college experience.

“AVID students are better prepared for rigorous Honors and Advancement Placement classes in high school,” Kincaid said, and explained that the AVID curriculum was developed by middle and senior high school teachers in collaboration with college professors.

“The curriculum is based on writing as a tool of learning, the inquiry method, collaborative grouping and academic reading,” Kincaid said.  “AVID students learn to use self-motivation on the road to higher achievement.”

Kincaid emphasized that, now in its fifth year at Randall Middle School, AVID further benefits the students through the skills and strategies they learn as they attend their other classes.

Last year, the program began with 180 students and boasted of being the fourth largest middle school AVID program in the county as it involves a Site Team consisting of teachers from various grade levels and content areas as well as school counselors and administrators, who meet twice per month to evaluate and ensure the programs implementation and success.

Quarterly AVID family nights, which provide a chance to promote family awareness and involvement with the program, are also conducted.

Kincaid was pleased and proud of all the new students that are joining the program and is looking forward to guiding them on their quest for academic success.


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