By Tamas Mondovics

Dozens of potential as well as experienced participants lined up earlier this month for a chance take part in a recent diving clinic held at the Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center (BSAC), hosted by none other than two-time Olympian Chris Colwill.

According to BSAC officials, the clinic was held as a taste of what is to come in the near future, as the center proudly announced its plan to hand Colwill the reigns with developing the facility’s new Blue Wave Diving program.

“We are planning on initiating the program this coming March of 2013,” said BSAC spokesperson Lori Bukaweski.

A Brandon native, Colwill trained at BSAC from his early youth through his high school years and then attended the University of Georgia where he was the 2006 NCAA Diver of the Year, and has earned medals at the NCAA Championships, SEC Championships, U. S. Open, Canadian Cup, and FINA World Championships.

“I am truly excited to be back home, get back to my roots, and help kids get better at something I really love,” Colwill said at pool side during the free two-hour clinic.

The clinic afforded both potential divers and parents to give Colwill their input regarding their current abilities, commitment levels, and practice schedule availabilities.

Ten-year-old Blue Wave swimmers Abigail Crosby and her friend Britney Molaer, 11, also took part in the clinic and clearly enjoyed the attention of their instructor.

“I am learning a lot,” Crosby said, as her friend Molear chimed in and said, “Mr. Colwill just told us to have fun, and we are having a great time.”

BSAC Executive Director Chuck Burgess, said that the center is pleased to have a chance to offer another new program, allowing its members multiple options to choose from.

For more information please contact Member Services at the Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center at 689-0908 or email MemberServices


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