By Suzy Wiesenhart

If anyone would have told owner Koryn Kleist that she would be meeting Tom Arnold at her salon, Reflections Hair Gallery and Spa, on Friday after closing, she would not have believed them. That is exactly what happened. The hair gallery and spa, located at 2609 E. State Rd. 60  in Valrico, was chosen because they offer a children’s full service salon and spa area.

Tom Arnold is the host of the Redneck Rehab show on the Country Music Television station, and the premise is to take people who grew up in a redneck family, but have changed into city people , and with the help of their families  turn them back into rednecks. The couple in this edition actually had one person who grew up redneck and one who did not.

Reflections provided the city lifestyle. The children of the couple chosen were delighted when they walked in and saw the salon chairs were actual carousel horses. They also had castle stations, a pedicure throne, a manicure table and cartoons playing on television.  The children received hair, nail and body glitter services to show that they went to a salon and not a quick haircutting shop. The three-year old little girl got an up-do and a pink princess glitter nail manicure and the four-year-old little boy got a glitter shark temporary tattoo.

Kleist said, “We feel honored to have been chosen and have host Tom Arnold in our salon.”  She added that they used the salon to prep before and after filming and also did some filming at the boxing gym next door. Kleist also stated, “Tom was very friendly and polite, thanking me for allowing them to use the salon and spa.”At this time, Kleist doesn’t know when the show will air.

Reflections Hair Gallery and Spa is a full service salon and spa and offers cutting, styling and conditioning, color, re-texturing, extensions, special event makeup, waxing and tinting, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, permanent makeup and more.  You can contact Reflections Hair Gallery and Spa at 681-5300 or visit them at and their Facebook page at Reflections Hair.


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