By Andria Barrios

The meaning of “It is better to give than to receive” truly comes alive through The Greater Brandon Foundation Angel Program and its desire to give to qualified families in need.

Three months ago, contact between Romero Insurance Company and a single mother and her twins began. Sadly, this desperate mother was faced with a life-threatening illness, a situation that would become a financial detriment and put this family in a truly critical condition.

But hope began to rise as this family was referred to the right people by the Women’s Resource Center. The people of Romero love to give to those less fortunate, and insist on calling their part merely facilitation or the assistance in the progress of a person.

In this case, the “person” is a family of three, and Romero hopes to assist two additional families in the future.

The generous organization through which this facilitation took place is called The Greater Brandon Foundation Angel Program, a completely non-profit organization with only two paid employees. The Angel Program’s mission is to give back to the community by helping families who are victims of catastrophic events (such as house fires), or life-threatening illnesses (such as cancer). They do this by connecting service providers with those in need. Over the past year, the Brandon Foundation Angel Program has received 46 requests for help, and has attended to 44 of them.

“The goal is to provide for those who need help, as well as to inform other businesses and people of how they can do their part by donating their time and services,” states Fernando Romero, owner of Romero insurance.

Kids can also serve by participating in the Junior Angel program.

“It’s hard to tell who is more blessed, those giving, or those who are being given to,” agree Romero and Wheeler.

Whether you’re in need, or eager to help by starting your own business Angel Team, find out more by visiting or calling 689-6889.


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