By Kathy L. Collins

Alex Cutri is a talented artist who specializes in concept work. The best way to understand what Cutri does is to imagine that you have an idea for a logo or a comic book or website. Cutri will take your concept or idea and put pen to paper and give the concept life. He gives you something tangible that you can see.

Cutri is a digital artist, but he is equally adept with the old fashioned method of paint and paintbrush. He recently painted a mural at The LOFT Event Lounge in Brandon.

He has worked in the entertainment industry illustrating comic books (he worked on the New Gen series), story bibles (the book a producer will use to pitch a TV show or film) and animation illustrations for both print and film both here and abroad.

If you need a website designed, a logo designed for your new or existing company or organization or any kind of personal design, Cutri has the talent to turn your concept or idea into reality. “I try to convey an idea through a shape to evoke emotion or get a reaction. A lot of thought goes into designing a logo or website,” said Cutri. “I spend a lot of time talking to my clients to find out what they want from the design,” added Cutri.

Cutri is a graduate of Bloomingdale High School. He attended Blake High School for his first two years. He is the Visual Director/Partner with AHR Visions. You can see Cutri’s work at He has over 80 paintings on his site. In his gallery, he will offer tips and tutorials as well.

If you would like to get more information on Cutri’s work or discuss a possible project with him, please email him at


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