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With teams from HCC, USF, Tampa Bay Technical and Brandon High School, and Open Class teams from Orlando, Titusville and Miami, 12 cars took the green flag to start the doubleheader Electrathon Race at HCC Brandon in November.

The weather was perfect and the quarter-mile parking lot track surface was smooth and very fast. The top team averaged 26 mph for each of the two one-hour races. All teams were running on 100% battery power

HCC, the host team, worked furiously on their car right up until race time. One hour before the first race, they had the entire front end off of the car making modifications. They had the batteries run down late in the first race and had to withdraw, but they finished the second race with no problems. Vic Nieves said, “It’s good to see all their hard work start to pay off. We look for them to make great strides this year, especially since they have new members who are former ETO racers from King and TBT High Schools.”

During both races, there was some serious competition in the Open Class.  ProEv, The Electrocutioners, Tiger Racing and Robinson Racing (which had three cars) were trading places and running 25 mph plus laps all day long.  ProEv took up where he left last year. Being a one-man team, he is at a disadvantage with mechanical problems.  The crew from HCC pitched in to assist but he still lost 15 minutes in the pit.  He was going so fast for both races that he still finished tied with Tiger Racing for 4th overall.

The Electrocutioners, Drew Jet and Slam, were the Energizer Bunnies and just kept going and going, taking 1st overall with 213 laps combined over two races.

The Brandon Electric Eagles with two cars and Tampa Bay Tech, with their very fast car, contested the high school division.  The number 14 car from Brandon, driven by veteran Cody Avant, took 1st in both races.  The  number nine Brandon car, driven by rookie Evan Jones, took 2nd overall.

HCC again put on a great event. Their course is one of the best they race on.

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