By Samantha R. Evensen

Bullet Free Sky, a small non-profit effort, is working hard to raise awareness about the danger of celebratory gunfire. With the holiday season in full swing and the New Year swiftly approaching, the potential for frivolous gunfire to celebrate is a great possibility.

On January 1, 2012, 12-year-old Diego Duran was struck in the head by a falling bullet. He was standing outside his home in Ruskin celebrating the coming of the New Year with his mother and his two older sisters.

After six months of hospital care and multiple surgeries, Diego was fortunate to be alive.

With a new found motivation and determination, Diego’s mother, Sandy, and godmother, Kat, started Bullet Free Sky in an attempt to educate people and save lives.

As of now, the efforts of Bullet Free Sky do not have the funds to become a non-profit organization. Donations would be a great resource in not only helping them establish themselves, but also to continue awareness and education of the public. All money raised from donations and purchases go towards the cause.

A monetary donation would help them organize programs, create posters and develop an educational documentary projecting awareness of celebratory and negligent gun use.

Buying apparel and other accoutrements would help to advertise for the cause and make their slogan known, encouraging people to ask questions.

The message of Bullet Free Sky is, ‘what goes up must come down. Stray bullets take lives.’

“We are very fortunate Diego is alive and well. The least we can do is create awareness and put an end to this deadly habit/tradition,” said Zagorski.

For more information about the amazing story of Diego Duran, please visit:

To make a donation or purchase any items for the cause, visit


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