By Tamas Mondovics

David Kulow Ln., also known as “Road B”, a newly constructed road built as part of the Boyette Rd. widening project, was dedicated last month in honor of its namesake in the presence of Hillsborough County officials, Boyette Springs community representatives, as well as friends and family.

According to Patrick Murray with the Hillsborough County “The Center” for Development Services Infrastructure and Development Services Team, the approximately 443 ft. long cut-through road with two ten ft. wide travel lanes and curbing, at a cost of close to $600,000, was constructed to provide access for the residents of the Boyette Springs Subdivision onto Boyette Rd. S.

“The new lane was built due to the addition of a median on the newly constructed east and west Boyette Rd., which restricted left turn movement onto Boyette Rd. from Deepbrook Dr.,” Murray said.

While in agreement with the necessity of the roadway, as it is said to help expedite 911 responses and GPS identification on how to access Deepbrook Dr., Nicole Humphreys, representing the Boyette Springs Homeowners Association, also emphasized the importance of honoring Kulow for his unwavering efforts on behalf of the Boyette Springs community.

“We feel that it is a privilege and honor to thank such a humble crusader for our community, by naming the new cut-through Road B, David Kulow Ln.,” Humphreys said. “As a retired, decorated Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Kulow’s story only begins here; as for him serving his country was not enough.”

Humphreys added that for the past 20 years, Kulow, 76, has been an instrumental part of a group of community leaders, who have accomplished several beneficial projects that all in the community enjoy today.

“He continues to contribute to the best interests of the Boyette Springs Community as our spokesman,” she said.

Also on hand during the dedication ceremony was Hillsborough County Commissioner, Al Higginbotham, who was pleased to have a chance to honor his friend and assist him with the unveiling of the new road sign.

“I can only dream of having a road named after me,” Higginbotham said as he commented on Kulow’s hard work in his community, some of which includes  organizing a group of volunteers to paint the walls along Boyette Rd. and replanting the bushes and flowers in the monuments; testifying to get Boyette Rd. off the county truck route plan back in 1993 as well as over the years blocking proposals to again make Boyette-Fishhawk a truck route.

Other recent accomplishments include leading the fight to get a traffic signal at Bell Shoals and Boyette after Fishhawk Blvd. was built, documenting the need for the Boyette-Balm Riverview and McMullen traffic lights when new schools were built, and currently attending county meetings and speaking on behalf of the Boyette Springs homes.

After thanking the County commission for its support of the new roadway, along with his wife, Laura, who has been by his side, Kulow commented on the importance of being a true community member.

“It is important to be part of your community,” Kulow said to all present during the ceremony. “You should strive to do more than just pay your taxes and hope someone else takes care of it. I was only doing what I thought was right and I never expected to be recognized in such a big way for all I have done. It is very humbling. I hope I can be an inspiration to others to strive to do their best and give their all for a better community.”

In closing, Kulow thanked everyone who had a hand in honoring him and said, “Thanks to everyone who made this day possible, I will never forget it.”

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