By Kathy L. Collins

The exhibit in the gallery space at the Bruton Memorial Library in Plant City is adorned with beautiful works of art by local artist, Beverly Farley. There are 16 pieces hung and on display at the library now through the end of April.

Farley is a creative artist who has the ability to work with many mediums including colored pencil, chalk, acrylics, oil-pastels, pen and ink, and mixed media. “I have had a love of art since I was a child. My subjects vary, but more often than not I paint wildlife and sea creatures,” explained Farley.

The collection on exhibit contains an interesting collection of nature scenes and abstracts. Some of the colors are vibrant while others are more muted and understated in their beauty. Farley said, “The pieces I chose are some of my favorites. Several of them have won prizes including a painting of a sea turtle which won first place in pastels at the county fair last year. My painting of an alligator won second place.” Farley added, “Low pastels are my favorite medium, but I also like to work with acrylic and mixed media.”

Farley is a member of The Art Lounge Gallery in Plant City. This is a co-opt where the artists run the gallery, exhibit their work and advocate discussion of the arts. “I have been with the gallery since it opened three and a half years ago. I am currently the Vice President,” said Farley.

Each month the Bruton Memorial Library hosts an exhibition of an artist. In the coming months look for some exciting exhibits including a photography exhibit in May, Folk Art in October and many local artists in the months in between.

The Bruton Memorial Library is located at 302 W. McLendon St. in Plant City.

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