By Sandy Lee

A bad storm with driving rain and heavy winds brought down a big old water oak tree fell in the back of the Ric and Brenda Martin’s house. It had grazed the water pump and a corner of the house.

After Ric’s stroke earlier this year, which was the result of the removal of a benign brain tumor, their life has become more than a little challenging.

The Martin’s were always very active in Journey Church of Brandon before his unexpected stroke. When Journey Church heard about this fallen tree, Pastor Dan Reid put the word out to the congregation asking for help.

Bright and early one morning, brothers and sisters in Christ came with helping hands. Thirty men, women and children from the church came to the rescue. Before it was time for a coffee break, the chain saws had done their job and the debris from the tree was piled up in front of their house ready to be picked up. After the tree was hauled out to the street, they went to work on the huge stump until it was completely gone.

Brenda Martin said, “At a very stressful and difficult time, our church family came and saved the day. We were so blessed and grateful.”

God brought this church family together to bring honor and Glory to God and to one of His own families who were in need. That is just one of the many ways Journey Church gives the glory to God. The Martin’s burden had been lifted and the body of Christ united once again to serve. Ric has always been a talented woodworker, building furniture, plaques and more.

Right now, he is not able to do that, but there is a big log just waiting for him to get to work on once he is recovered. The log left from this oak tree will result in a masterpiece that will show the healing power of God and love of the fellowship of the church. Visit for more information

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