By Tamas Mondovics

After months of preparation and public notices of upcoming changes, the time has come for commercial solid waste customers throughout Hillsborough County to enter into new collection services contracts with any of the three county-authorized companies.

According to County Public Utilities officials, beginning June 1, commercial solid waste customers may enter into the new contracts for service beginning October 1, 2013.

“All existing commercial garbage collection service contracts, regardless of the expiration date, will become null and void when the current Solid Waste Franchise Collection Agreements expire on September 30, 2013,” said county spokesperson, Michelle Van Dyke.

As it has been reported before, in January, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners awarded new Solid Waste Franchise Collection Agreements to Republic Services of Florida, Waste Management Inc. of Florida, and Waste Services of Florida.

Van Dyke said that the new agreements, which will go into effect in October, will give the three companies the exclusive right to provide commercial solid waste collection within the unincorporated areas of the county.

“All commercial customers who require garbage collection services must use one of these County-authorized providers,” she said. As a reminder to local businesses, before a new service can begin, all commercial solid waste customers must complete and submit a Solid Waste Profile Form to the Public Utilities Department, which starting June 1, can be found online at

A printed copy also is available from the Franchise Collectors.

Officials said that the Solid Waste Profile Program is designed to ensure that solid waste generated in Hillsborough County is properly disposed of in a safe and effective manner. The new form must be completed even if such a form has been submitted previously, officials said.

Another thing to keep in mind is that commercial customers are not required to stay with the same vendor.

“This is a good time for businesses to “shop around” among the three Franchise Collectors to determine the most competitive rates and agreement that best meet its needs,” Van Dyke added.

Commercial customers may contact the three Franchised Collectors at: Republic Services of Florida:  265-0292; Waste Management Inc. of Florida:  621-3053 and Waste Services of Florida: 248-3802.

As for the changes affecting residential costumers involving the sizes of the new automated containers, which include 95, 65, 35 and 32 gallon cans, county officials said they are still working out the details.

“This is a process we are still working on and will work with residents who have special needs,” Van Dyke promised. “We do not have the answers to all the questions just yet, but will make every effort to meet our residents’ needs.”

So far, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Sun City Center, Wimauma and Balm area residents will be served by Waste Services of Florida, which is projected to save the county more than $7.5 million annually, estimated to be $52,790,108 over the new seven-year contract, a 22 percent reduction.

For more information on completing the Solid Waste Profile Form, contact your commercial Franchise Collector, or send an email to the Public Utilities Department at


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