Who: The Village Players

What: Auditions for their up coming production M.A.S.H.

When: July 21,23 & 25 7:30 p.m.

Where: The James McCabe Theater 506 5th St. Valrico Fl.

Other Info.:Cast-15 Men 15 Women Cold readings. Opening in October & running 3 weekends.

A comedic twist to events during the Korean war which allows audiences a chance to take a closer look at war behind the lines at a more comfortable level.
One of the longest playing war movies which ran at one theater as the only show for over 1 year. Then went on as a spin off to televisions “M.A.S.H.” which ran for 11 years.
Looking for Hawkeye, Trapper John, Hot Lips, Radar, Major Burns, Painless, to name a few. Plenty of great character parts. The show will include improve!

Also looking for set builders, Lighting & sound technicians.

Any further information Please contact Village Players at their hot line 813-643-8292 leave a message & someone will be happy to get in touch with you.

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