By Kathy L. Collins

Brandon Regional Hospital has launched a new program specifically designed for new mothers. The New Mom’s Support Group is a free class which offers support to mothers within their first year after giving birth. It is an informal setting that allows new mothers to get together and discuss their tears, fears and cheers that go along with motherhood.

The group meets every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to noon in Classroom A in Oakfield Medical Plaza (across the street from Brandon Regional Hospital). No registration is required, and all mothers, regardless of where they delivered their baby, are welcome.

Stephanie Sperling, RN, BCLC, is the Lactation Consultant and group facilitator. Sperling has worked for Brandon Regional Hospital for eight years and is the mother of four.

Sperling said, “We started this program as an outreach to the community to offer support to mothers within the first year after birth.  Women who come to this group are enriched by meeting other mothers and forming new friendships.” Sperling added, “As the facilitator of the group, I function as a professional resource regarding postpartum adjustment, infant development, feeding concerns etc. As a lactation consultant and newborn nurse, I am especially knowledgeable regarding breastfeeding issues and early infancy.”

There is no formal format for the meetings. If issues or questions or raised during the meetings, Sperling will research it and then discuss it at the next meeting.

Sperling said, “One of the great things about our group is the support that the ladies give to each other. I find that they themselves are the best resource to each other. They share ideas with each other regarding feeding issues, infant sleeping habits, adjusting to motherhood, and baby products. I tell them that they are the experts with certain things and are the most up to date on current products and trends. They started their own private Facebook page and communicate with each other during the week.”

At present, six mothers and babies are committed to the group, but there is plenty of space for more. Sperling said, “Our mothers tell me that they look forward to coming every Wednesday. For some of them this is the only opportunity for socialization and it so important to them. The environment is supportive and nurturing.”

For more information, please call 653-1065.


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