By Michelle Harris

Dinosaur World launches its 15th anniversary celebration with remarkable new exhibits and activities based on the company’s core strengths and commitment to education, entertainment and customer service.

“Visitors get a rare look at some of the most feared predators ever to walk the planet,” said Marlene Svensson, General Manager of Dinosaur World. “At the same time, Dinosaur World is one of the few theme parks in Central Florida where tourists can escape the pressures of today while exploring the area as it existed thousands of years ago.”

Interactive entertainment premiered this summer. Three highly-entertaining and educational shows will make their debut to park guests.

The first show, a walk-around character based on a quirky paleontologist, will provide guests a hands-on tour of the all-new Exploration Cave where they will learn about fossils, bones and why fossil discoveries made by paleontologists are so important to you today.

The second show, a “Dino Disguise” show, asks guests to help the guide create the perfect costume to allow him/her to walk amongst the dinosaurs. Guests will help pick the head, tail and feet of the fearless explorer who will, within minutes, be transported back in time to put the disguise to the ultimate test. Will they be accepted by the herd or discovered and eaten as lunch? You’ll have to come out and see.

Next you will be invited to a game-show-style setting where you will be tested on everything dinosaur!  This fun-filled, interactive encounter, known around town as “Triviasaurus Rex”, will allow kids of all ages to test their prehistoric knowledge in this impromptu dinosaur game show complete with prizes and praise galore.

Dinosaur World is a 20-acre theme park dedicated to the giants of years past featuring over 150 life-size dinosaurs in a lush garden setting. Experience the many interactive exhibits including the Dinosaur Boneyard, the Fossil Dig, the skeletal playground and the all-new Dino Gem Excavation.  Explore the animatronic dinosaurs and view the many prehistoric treasures including dinosaur eggs, raptor claws and more in the Hall of Dinosaurs Museum before venturing over to the Gift Shop packed with one-of-a-kind gift items from around the world. It is open every day from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. or 9 a.m.-5 p.m. from November-January. To find out more, visit or call 717-9865.


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