By Sharon Still

“It’s better to know me and not need me than to need me and not know me” is the slogan at Riverview Bail Bonds.

Owner Nicky Bishop, a Riverview resident, has been in the bail bond business for 19 years and opened Riverview Bail Bonds in 2006.

Bail bond agents or bondsmen are in the business to cater to criminal defendants, acting as a surety, and pledge money or property for the person accused. Bail bond agents can usually secure their customer’s release within a few hours.

“Any bonds under $1000 are charged a minimum fee of $100 and any bonds larger than $1000 are charged ten percent of the bail amount,” explained Bishop.

Collateral is required and Bishop says collateral comes in many forms. “The most common form of collateral is a promissory note for the full amount of the bond, which means the person signing the promissory note promises to be responsible for the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court,” said Bishop.

Other forms of collateral can be property, homes, vehicles, boats, trailers and other items and the collateral is dependent upon the amount of the bond.

Bishop adds that whether the defendant is called to appear in court one time or ten times, they need to appear each and every time until the case is closed before the promissory note is released.

On average, Riverview Bail Bonds helps 80-100 people a month, depending upon the time of the year. Bishop says she can help people with any type of arrest, both locally and out of the area, any time of day as well as assist with the self-arrest program.

“The self-arrest program,” she explained, “is a simple way to take care of an arrest warrant without going to jail.”

Defendants who miss their court date will have a warrant for their arrest. If they do not hire an attorney or participate in the self-arrest program, she explains that she will go out and find them and make sure they are arrested and go back to jail, no matter where she finds them.

Bishop states that while there are many bond agents in the area, she offers a little bit more. “I always treat my customers like family and 100 percent professionalism.”

She added, “Our business is not over when you leave my office; I am always available for any questions after the bonds are posted.”

Customer referrals are her favorite as it shows her that she has done her job and treated the person referring like family. “And, they didn’t forget me,” she commented.

Riverview Bail Bonds is located at 7421 U.S. Hwy. 301 S. Call 677-9422  or visit for more information.


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