Press Release

A Special Message From Gabriel’s Messenger Films 

The Investigator’s theatrical run has been extended again! As we receive this third week in theaters, which has exceeded all expectations, we want to do something extra special this weekend.

As part of our mission, Gabriel’s Messenger Films has always committed to donating 10% of profits to charity. At our Red Carpet Premiere, our team met a very special boy named Tony Colton, who attended as our special guest thanks to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Tony’s amazing personality in the face of such great struggle deeply inspired us to take up his cause.

This weekend, we are proud to specifically support the Pediatric Cancer Foundation! Here’s how it works: Go to any regularly scheduled showtime at any of our theaters on Friday, September 27th, Saturday, September 28th, or Sunday, September 29th, and purchase a movie ticket for The Investigator. 10% of GMF’s share of The Investigator’s ticket sales will then be donated towards the search for a cure for childhood cancer. Join us in the fight for the cure!

PLEASE NOTE: Most theaters are only showing this week’s showtimes, and don’t post weekend showtimes until Wednesday or Thursday, so be sure to check back then.

Visit for more information.

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