Steve Altier is the author of "We Can't Move At Christmas!" an illustrated children's book which reassures children that Santa will find them wherever they are.
Steve Altier is the author of “We Can’t Move At Christmas!” an illustrated children’s book which reassures children that Santa will find them wherever they are.

By Kathy L. Collins

Valrico resident and author, Steve Altier, has written and published his first illustrated children’s book, We Can’t Move At Christmas!

Altier’s book deals with a very real issue for children- will Santa be able to find them if they move at Christmas time? In We Can’t Move At Christmas!, the reader meets two charming young children, Gabby and her younger brother, Maddox. The two worry that Santa will not be able to find them at Christmas because they do not yet have a permanent address. Will Santa come to a hotel?

Luckily for Gabby and Maddox, Santa has a plan to deal with just such a situation. Santa happens to have an entire department of elves dedicated to watching out for children who have to move at Christmas. The elves are a part of “The Family Moving Department” or FMD.

Altier explained how he came up with the concept for the book. “I had a very vivid dream last year when I was sick.  I could see children in my dream struggling with moving at Christmas. They were worried that Santa wouldn’t be able to find them, and they would not have a Christmas.”

Altier continued, “The idea of Santa’s Family Moving Department came to me and I felt that it would be a good fit with reassuring the children that no matter where they lived, Santa’s elves were on the case.” Altier added, “I think this ties in with today’s society which requires many families to relocate in order to keep a job. As adults we often forget how children feel when the move is over the holidays. I hope that this story will help reassure children that they will have a Christmas.”

Being a writer has always been a dream for Altier. He has a vivid imagination and enjoys writing his thoughts and dreams. Altier published this book using AuthorHouse, the leading provider of self-publishing and marketing services for authors around the globe. For more information, please visit

We Can’t Move At Christmas! is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. For more information about Altier, please visit




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