MMAfrontlinelogoBy Brian Shaffer

The act of bullying has garnered attention for years in communities and schools across the country and many leaders in these areas have worked hard to combat this troubling trend.

Recently, bullying has burst into the national spotlight thanks to an ugly episode that has erupted in the National Football League as well as the recent tragedy of a teenage suicide in Florida. It has left many parents needing to revisit the subject of bullying and how to handle it with their children.

FrontLine Fitness, a local mixed martial arts and fitness studio in east Tampa, has decided to do their part in helping the community better deal with bullying. On Saturday, December, 7 they will host the MMA Against Bullying workshop at their facility located at 8267 Causeway Blvd., in Brandon.

“[Bullying] is such an important topic right now,” owner Carla Hall said. “It is a very sad topic and with what we have seen in the news recently, we really decided that it was time to give something back to the community and stand up for a good cause.”

The event will begin at noon with a guest speaker who will shed some light on the psychology behind bullying including why someone chooses to bully, how the victims of bullying are affected and what those looking in from the outside are experiencing. Once this message has been given and those in attendance have a full understanding about the mentality of bullies and their victims, participants will be asked to take a pledge against bullying. And while it is everyone’s goal to eliminate bullying altogether, FrontLine Fitness is seeking to empower those who might experience bullying firsthand. The event will feature a 45 minute self-defense workshop taught by trainers from the facility.

“The goal of this is to teach self confidence and standing up for yourself as to be less likely to be a victim,” Hall said. “We are not promoting fighting. We are promoting preservation of personal space and self esteem.”

MMA Against Bullying is an event that seeks to enhance the community’s understanding about the dangers of bullying, ways to prevent it and what to do in order to best protect individuals against it. The atmosphere will be welcoming and there will be plenty of door prizes available for those in attendance. The event sponsors include Real Fight Championships, Fighters Warehouse, Impact Wellness, Square 1 Burgers and Bar and Winghouse.


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