By Tamas Mondovics

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 9 year old male student this morning for possession of a loaded gun on his way to school.

According to HCSO Public Information Officer, Larry McKinnon the Ippolito Elementary School student was arrested after a Hillsborough County school bus driver witnessed him putting a gun in his front pants pocket while on a Hillsborough County School bus.

McKinnon said that the County School bus loaded with students, en-route to Ippolito Elementary School, 6874 S. Falkenburg Road, in Riverview when the bus driver’s attention was drawn to two students after she overheard one of the students make comment that sounded unusual.

“When the bus driver focused closer on the two students, she noticed one of the students putting a small handgun in the front pocket of his pants,” McKinnon said.

The bus driver immediately notified the school’s principle of the situation and the principle contacted HCSO.

Deputies were waiting at the school when the bus arrived and all of the students were safely removed from the bus.

When deputies searched the student they found a loaded two shot .22 cal derringer in his front pants pocket.  The student was then arrested and taken to the Hillsborough County Juvenile Assessment Center.

Deputies met with the student’s parents, who indicated that their son took the gun from home without their knowledge.

At this time no one else has been charged with any criminal offense as the investigation continues.

See update as more information becomes available.

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