By Kathy L. Collins

The current exhibit in the Crawford Gallery at the SouthShore Regional Library in Ruskin is a collection of wonderful mixed media. The exhibit features the artwork of three very different but equally talented local artists: Linda Pieroth Short Arts_Central BaptiSmith, Jeanine Tatlock and Harriett Rollitt.

Linda Pieroth Smith has 13 pieces in the exhibit. Her medium is mosaic. Smith’s Artist Statement stated in part “I try to capture those fleeting, beautiful moments nature presents using durable and timeless materials traditional to mosaic such as glass and stone. But, breaking with tradition, I often use my interpretation of nature’s lines when deciding on the shape of each piece in the mosaic, rather than the square tesserae of ancient mosaics.”

Jeanine Tatlock works with a variety of media including collage, charcoal, graphite, drawing and oil. In the exhibit, Tatlock also included a charming wire structure of a shoe. Tatlock uses Photoshop in creating her pieces. Tatlock said in her artist statement, “I am constantly going back and forth between the computer and the source, making adjustments in Photoshop. Images will cycle through multiple stages of adjustment before I produce my final composition, which I may then abstract even further by drawing or painting as the multifaceted collage.”

Harriett Rollitt has six pieces in the exhibit. Rollitt was born in England and raised in Barbados. She creates collages with paintings that combine imagery associated with both cultures. Rollitt’s artist statement stated, “Concerned with concepts of national identity, Harriett blends heritage with nostalgia leaving the viewer with a mishmash of distinct narratives.”Short ArtsCentral B

The SouthShore Regional Library is located at 15816 Beth Shields Way in Ruskin. For information on this exhibit and others at the library, please call 273-3652.



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