By Kathy L. Collins

For Katherine Abbey and Anne Marie Girolami, their dream of becoming published authors has been achieved with the publication of their book, Dare To Be Contagious! Infuse Relationships With YOU.

As Girolami explains, this book combines Abbey and Girolami’s common interests with their different approaches and strengths. Dare To Be Contagious! Infuse Relationships With YOU is about developing and sustaining healthy relationships from the start and not by fixing broken relationships.

By combining their unique skill sets, Abby and Girolami have created a collaboration that is greater than their individual selves. Abbey is a seasoned communication skills educator and speaker who has trained a wide array of people in the art of communication.

While Girolami’s approach is different, she loves to listen, relate and learn from others. Through an e-mentoring program, she has helped hundreds of students as they transition from junior high to high school and out into the adult world.

You cannot simply read Dare To Be Contagious! Infuse Relationships With YOU. Girolami said, “Healthy relationships take a lot more than the effort of reading a book.  Readers actually have to put significant time, effort and attention into first improving themselves. Only then, can they develop and sustain relationships. This book helps the reader on their journey. It encourages readers to learn more about themselves before inviting others into an intimate relationship such as partners, friendship, parent/child or business partner.”  Moreover, Girolami stressed, “Before people can develop and sustain a healthy and lasting relationship with another, they need to know who they are, identify the types of relationships they would like to have and identify the level of support they are able to commit to each relationship. This book empowers us to learn more about ourselves and encourages us to use this knowledge to choose, develop and cultivate healthy relationships,” said Girolami.

Dare To Be Contagious! Infuse Relationships With YOU can be purchased through Amazon. You can also follow Girolami and Abbey on Facebook at


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